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ONMO is our breakthrough B2C cloud gaming platform. It hosts 1000s of curated best short game moments from several popular casual games.

ONMO is built on three key mobile gaming trends (eSports, Social and Short Form Gaming) and two disruptive technologies (AI and Cloud Streaming). Teams across India, Canada and Sweden have been developing the product.

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ONMO Gaming Platform

Challenges Arena

Offers a single destination to play casual challenges on thousands of quiz questions and trivia across multiple categories, with an unparalleled gamified winning experience and social competitions.

It provides a competitive mobile platform with multiple paid and trial challenges on thousands of quiz questions and trivia across genres like movies, cricket, travel, food, general knowledge, puzzles, amongst others and also many HTML5 games.

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Challenges Arena App

Video & Editorials

Our digital mobile web store offers a one-stop destination for users to access curated content by paying a subscription fee.

The content includes trending global and local topics across Sports, News, Entertainment, Kids, Games and Travel etc. It is ad-free and available for users to discover and consume with ease.

With features like, contextual recommendation, we provide the most relevant content and services to users, and enhance their experience.

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Video & Editorials App


Our flagship product Tones, has 65Mn+ users through 53+ telecom operators globally with 10Bn+ tones played per month.

Ranging from Traditional to Digital, Tones (RBT) provides compelling service offerings by engaging telecom subscribers over both feature phones & smart phones across networks from 2G all the way to 5G.

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Tones App


Our contest platform with 8Mn active base and 1.5Mn digital subscribers allows users to play interesting skill-based trivia quizzes, compete with other users and win prizes.

The product covers content across multiple formats (audio, video, polls etc), with a plethora of themes and a dynamic point system ensuring instant winners. Multilingual capabilities allow users to play contests in the language of their choice and switch language and time during the play.

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Contests App