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First Quarter 2024 Business Update for OnMobile Global

Bengaluru, 12th July 2023: OnMobile Global, a leader in cutting-edge mobile gaming and entertainment, announced its business update for Q1 FY24. The number of customers for Challenges Arena, its mobile-first flagship casual gaming product, in Q4 FY23 was 42, which increased to 54 in Q1 FY24, amounting to a 29% growth in the quarter. ONMO, the only pure-play 5G mobile cloud gaming solution, saw a 150% growth in the quarter as the number of customers increased to 10 in Q1 FY24 from 4 in Q4 FY23.

According to Sanjay Baweja, MD and Global CEO, “There is a sense of enthusiasm surrounding the consistent expansion of our customer base and revenue for Challenges Arena and ONMO. The number of customers who have already signed up for Challenges Arena stands at 73, while for ONMO, it is 24, indicating a promising outlook”.

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OnMobile Global [NSE India: ONMOBILE] [BSE Ltd: 532944], the leader in cutting-edge mobile gaming and entertainment, is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with its presence in over 50 countries across the globe. OnMobile is focused on building customer-first Mobile Gaming products while offering a wide array of digital products such as Videos, Tones, & Contests. Based on current deployments, OnMobile has over 74.7 million monthly users globally. For further information, please visit

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