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Enrich and XCloud M2M Service, Hold 3 XL Technology Company Leaders

PT XL AxiataTbk (XL) continues to enrich the innovative service machine to machine (M2M) and XCloud are being piloted. For this purpose, XL re-partnering with technology leaders in both types of service, namely PT Huawei Tech Investment, Qualcomm Incorporated, and PT OnMobile Indonesia. Director of Technology, Content & New Business XL - Dian Siswarini signed this agreement with the leaders of the three partners at the Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS), Jakarta Convention Center on Thursday (7/6).

Dian Siswarini said, "We're not half-half in organizing services and XCloud M2M. Therefore, although still very new, we do not hesitate to continue to enrich the portfolio at both services. To ensure that variations in the solutions offered, we went back to tie cooperation with the owners of the technology that has an international reputation. Through the implementation of a variety of service solutions with the latest technology, we hope to contribute to the development of the M2M ecosystem and national Cloud. "

Dian added, and the development of M2M services are part of the seriousness XCloud XL build and develop new business in the field of data. XL also beginning to realize that the solutions in both new technology will be very broad. Each partner will have a different scope of work to each other that are tailored to the expertise and specialization of their respective companies.

Together with Huawei, XL will develop M2M solutions in two areas, namely in the area tracking system (tracking) and surveillance system (mobile surveillance). Mobile surveillance is a useful service to help prevent crime. The solutions offered can be mounted on the offices, homes, apartments, stores, malls, and other public places. Meanwhile, the mobile tracking can be used for tracking the individual as well as school children on asset objects, like cars or valuables. Through the latest tracking technology system, the user can know the route taken by the child or where the position they last were.

Meanwhile, with Qualcomm, XL will develop in the area of smart home solutions (smart home). Smart home is beneficial to integrate the electronic equipment at home so that there be a unified system that will be controlled remotely. Automation of functions can also be performed. The signing of this cooperation is an early milestone of the stages that will be conducted XL with Qualcomm to implement this concept of smart homes.

Finally, together with OnMobile, XL will provide customer service for the Mobile Cloud. Mobile cloud service is a complement of services that already exist and XCloud through this service users can perform activities such as backing up the data held and stored in mobile devices including tablet they have. With the signing of this MOU, the portfolio of solutions XCloud XL which was confined to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Services (SaaS), will have an additional solution in a Mobile Cloud.

There are three reasons why the partners were selected by XL. First, these partners have a good international reputation and is the leader of M2M technology and cloud in the world. Solutions to be built has been tested in several countries before and proved successful. Second, the partners are committed to joint XL XL build cloud computing and M2M ecosystem in Indonesia are healthy and safe. This includes increasing the activity and cooperation of the developer community. Third, they are ready with XL to realize the concepts of technology and new innovations are currently being developed and much talked about. One is the concept of smart home and mobile cloud. Expected in the future this concept will be developed and more and more people of Indonesia are using and interested in new solutions and M2M this cloud.

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XL is one of the leading telecommunication company in Indonesia. Began commercial operation since October 8, 1996, XL today is a cellular service provider with an extensive network and quality throughout Indonesia for retail customers (Consumer Solutions) and solutions for corporate customers (Business Solutions). XL is the only operator which has an extensive fiber optic network. XL launched XL 3G on 21 September 2006, the service's first 3G-based mobile telecommunications is the fastest and largest in Indonesia. XL is majority owned by Axiata Group Berhad ("Axiata Group") through Axiata Investments (Indonesia) SdnBhd (66.6%) and the rest of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) International Indonesia Ltd. through Etisalat. (13.3%) and public (20.1%). As part of Axiata Group together with the Robi (Bangladesh), HELLO (Cambodia), Idea (India), MTCE (Iran), Celcom (Malaysia), Multinet (Pakistan), M1 (Singapore), SIM (Thailand) and Dialog (Sri Lanka), to be the best in Asia.

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