Job Openings

Game Designer

Location: Bangalore (EC)

Area of Expertise: UI/UX

Experience: 3+ years

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience

Job Description

  • Work closely with the creative head, content designers, and artists to design and prototype new gameplay using the existing systems
  • Build and improve tools to make the design pipeline faster and more efficient for the team
  • Create design documents for game features that contain all the details necessary for Content, Art, Engineering, Product Management, and Analytics teams
  • Establish player experience goals, defining the core FUN aspects of it
  • Conceptualize and communicate a gameplay experience and use your technical ability to bring your vision to life
  • Work collaboratively with engineering, and product management on the design and implementation of new game features
  • Efficiently manage a schedule in order to accommodate assignments and deadlines

Skills & Characteristics

  • 3+ years of professional experience as a game designer, especially mobile games
  • Deep understanding of games and what makes them fun, both as a gamer and a professional
  • Experience working with a team of designers. An understanding of UX, Human Centric Design (HCD) and Usability
  • Widely played, especially with mobile games, with the ability to articulate what is strong/weak about the design of existing games
  • Ability to become quickly accustomed to various in-house software systems
  • Excellent communication, critical thinking, analysis skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience, we further value candidates with graduate degrees and/or top tier university pedigree

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