AI Modeler/Engineer

Location Montreal, QC

Area of Expertise AI

Experience 3 years

Qualification Master's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Cognitive Science, Data Science

Job Description

This role is your opportunity to build and deploy new AI products from the ground up. Support a diverse range of programs through development and application of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision techniques. You will have to innovate and adapt multidisciplinary approach to solve problems in human/videogame interaction. Set up and manage our AI development and production infrastructure. Deploy AI models into production. Keep current of latest AI research relevant to our business domain."


  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with TensorFlow
  • Knowledge of networking protocols
  • Deep and diverse knowledge of applied mathematics, e.g. combinatorial optimization; game theory; etc.
  • Deep and diverse knowledge of probability theory and statistical modeling.
  • Deep and diverse knowledge of AI concepts including: (a) variety of machine learning and classification regimes; (b) autonomous situated agents with cognitive and affective/emotional faculties; (c) variety of reasoning capabilities; (d) data mining and analytics; etc.
  • Well-versed in computer vision both in theory and practice including: (a) image processing and analysis; (b) video processing and analysis.

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