How Much Data Does Streaming Video Use? 

Over the past decade, consumer behavior in terms of data consumption changed drastically. Now there are over 4 billion users worldwide connected to the internet. More than 50% of them use mobile phones and tablets to consume content, preferably video. In fact, as per a recent study by CISCO, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

There is more to it. We no longer use a single device as we are using multiple devices simultaneously. Smartphones changed the way we consume digital content. Therefore, even when we are watching the TV, we will be busy browsing social apps, searching, shopping, etc.

A lot of us use smartphones to watch videos on YouTube, binge-watching web series, movies on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Majorly, the data consumption is not through a broadband network, and it is through mobile data. It makes sense to keep tracking the mobile data usage as to keep it under FUP, or the network operators may charge for the extra data consumption. To do that, we should be well aware of how much each platform will consume preferably video streaming services. Let us look at the top video streaming services and their data usage per hour in different video qualities –

How Much Data Does Streaming Video Use?


YouTube, the biggest video streaming platform, and the second most popular social media app has over 2 billion users. Everyday users watch a whopping 1 billion hours of content, and 70% of the watch time comes from mobile devices. MakeUseOf, an online publication has done some study to find data consumption per hour. Depending on the video resolution, here is how much data consumes per hour on YouTube –

  •  240p: 225MB per hour
  • 360p: 315MB per hour
  • 480p: 562.5MB per hour
  • 720p at 30FPS: 1237.5MB (1.24GB) per hour
  • 720p at 60FPS: 1856.25MB (1.86GB) per hour
  • 1080p at 30FPS: 2.03GB per hour
  • 1080p at 60FPS: 3.04GB per hour
  • 1440p (2K) at 30FPS: 4.28GB per hour
  • 1440p (2K) at 60FPS: 6.08GB per hour
  • 2160p (4K) at 30FPS: 10.58GB per hour
  • 2160p (4K) at 60FPS: 15.98GB per hour


Netflix, one of the leading OTT platforms with more than 182 million subscribers produces binge-worthy content. Almost 70% of the users’ binge-watches web/tv series. Netflix officially provides a guide on data consumption depending on the video streaming quality –

  • Low: 0.3GB per hour
  • Medium: 0.7GB per hour
  • High: HD – 3GB per hour or in 4K ultra HD – 7GB per hour.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime video, the second-largest OTT platform has over 150 million subscribers globally. Like Netflix, Amazon also produces binge-worthy video content. In terms of data usage, Prime video provides 4 different options for mobile users –

  • Data saver: 0.12GB per hour
  • Good: 0.18GB per hour
  • Better: 0.72GB per hour
  • Best: 1.82GB per hour

Now that you know how much data does streaming video on these platforms consume, it is time to keep track of it. You can easily do it by visiting settings > Apps > App Name > Mobile Data Usage.

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