Managing Employees Mindfully – The new way to engage

One of the essential relationships of any employee is with his/her workplace. In these times of Corona, this relationship has become a long-distance affair and it hurts his/her work-life balance as well. Global organizations are in a rush to ideate and implement sophisticated employee engagement strategies, but it has become a gargantuan task. To execute it effectively, it makes sense to understand the basics first.

The Basics of Employee Engagement

Healthy relationships have care, concern, and consideration towards each other, which intensifies positivity, communication, sharing, and building respect, and in turn, contributing to happiness. An organization is not any different. Satisfied employees boost productivity, improve morale, and the job becomes more personal than just mere commitment.

The typical office relationship scenario has now been put to the test by the life-threatening pandemic Covid-19 across the globe. Organizations now have to evolve from seeing their professionals on their desks to seeing them in pajamas with ruffled hair trying to cook, clean, care, and work on their jobs tenaciously. No established employee engagement module will be enough to make employees feel the connection to their organization. So, how to implement a robust strategy to engage with the employees who’re working remotely.

Employee Engagement – How to implement it?

The New Rules of Engagement

Managing business continuity and survival by an organization in these dreaded times is possible only with employees, who are aware of the values and mission of the business and are ready to adapt for the benefit of the organization. If the organizations want to VROOM into the future, they need to implement and follow some simple strategies.

  • Vision: HR and management should make sure that the leadership vision is transparent to all, and every employee understands that he/she is contributing to a collective total. Regular mails from the top management, townhall meetings ensure that the chain of transparency is maintained.
  • Rapport: The team members should build an online rapport with each other not only for work essentials but for virtual time pass too. The managers should bond with their teams with frequent follow-ups and timely feedback. Celebrating the success of the team is imperative to boost a thriving ‘work from home’ culture.
  • Resources: The organization can provide the employees with resources that will help in their work functions. Be it laptops, wifi connection bill refunds, VPN access, logistics support, or even proper furniture to support their backs if needs be.
  • Opportunity: This is the time to learn new things be it official or otherwise. ‘Earn while you learn’ can be adapted to ‘Learn while you earn’ with appropriate lockdown study modules, e-training, and industry expert sessions. Learning opportunities will pave the way for more thoughtful minds.
  • Open-minded: Working from home with family around is bound to affect a lot of things generally viewed as professionalism. There may be interruptions in meetings, network delays, kids running around, and managers will need to understand and be open-minded about it. Empathising will result in positivity, and the employees are bound to go above and beyond to complete their work.
  • Mindfulness: A good health and a clear mind are essential in these times, as locked away from all things social can give the chills to many. Organizations usually have a place for games/pool/gyms and organize Yoga classes or Zumba sessions for employees. With proper collaboration and planning, they can do this online. Simple photo contests or challenges or puzzles/quizzes that keep employees connected, adding a sense of win will be an advantage.

The new normal begets challenging the traditional ways. Times may change, but the companies that invest in the best employee management strategies will be able to take the cake and eat it too.

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